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Wedding Bands Ireland The Jukebox Kings are delighted to welcome you to our site.  Home to one of Ireland’s Top Professional Wedding Bands. We are happy to answer any of your questions you may have and to provide links to helpful articles. You can also visit our Facebook page for more information and reviews.

  • How Much Does it cost to have a Band at Your Wedding?  Prices vary from €500 up to €3,500 depending on the Size and popularity of the Act. The distance a band needs to travel and popularity of the band can affect price too!
  • How much is the average Wedding Band?  It is difficult to answer how much the average Band costs, Comparisons of prices between a 3 piece and a 7 piece band would be unhelpful. Try to compare prices between Bands of the same size in order to get a better understanding of what is the average price for Bands in different categories.
  • What are the benefits of A Live Band v’s a Band that uses backing Tracks?  No doubt a really great Band that provides Live music at your Wedding will provide a fantastic atmosphere and experience for your Guests, but there are other options. It is worth checking out a  Band that uses backing tracks as an alternative on your Big Day.
  • Why Choose a Wedding Band rather than a Wedding DJ.  This is a regular debate that Bride and Grooms seem to have regarding the best option for entertainment at their Wedding Reception. DJ’s provide great value and can certainly offer a more cost-effective alternative if your Budget does not stretch to a Live Band. Obviously, a Live Band and DJ as your entertainment option would be a great choice for your Wedding and Guests if your Budget allows.

The Jukebox Kings are Especially Delighted to advise that we are Finalists for the second Year running as Wedding Band of The Year.  Nominated 2 Years running at the prestigious Irish Wedding Awards 2018.

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We Provide.

  • Ceremony music.
  • Drinks – Pre-Dinner Entertainment
  • A top class  5 piece Band for your Evening Reception
  • Optional Additional Brass section.
  • Late night DJ.
  • Late Resident Bar Entertainment
  • Post Wedding Day BBQ/Lunch Entertainment

The Band is a Fully Live Band we never use backing tracks.

We play only One Wedding event each day so you can be sure you will always receive the original line up. We travel nationwide and furthermore we have One Fee regardless of distance and travel time.


Bride and Groom just Married
Just Married


You can’t beat an Irish Wedding and the music and entertainment provided by Irish Wedding Bands are the key ingredients to a successful celebration. Our Wedding couples are delighted at the entertainment provided by The Jukebox Kings. Time and again we feature on articles such as this one from One Fab Day as they share with us their delight at our performance.  Hear how we kept their Dance Floor full All Night Long with a variety of music.

Check out our Setlist Page 2017-2018 to view the huge variety of music that we perform to rock your Party.

Dance The night away to The Jukebox Kings
Dance The night away to The Jukebox Kings

We Travel from the Hills of Donegal to the Ring of Kerry, from Galway in the West of Ireland to Co Wicklow’s East Coast and Everywhere in between.

Why Book The JBK’s for your Wedding Day?

So Congratulations you’ve just received the Wedding Proposal and the Engagement Ring of your Dreams. You are now looking to find the perfect Band for your Celebrations. Because your Wedding Day is the most important Day of your life. Everything should be perfect. What could possibly go wrong? Second, only to losing the Wedding Rings at the alter is booking the wrong Band.  Entertaining your guests is as important to us as it is to you. Music and entertainment need to be fun. So book the Best Entertainment Ireland has to offer. Here’s Why you should Book The JBK’s  for your Celebration.

We provide high-class Entertainment . We are specialists in providing the right music mix for you and your guests.
5 professional musicians who offer Excellent Entertainment that will ensure your celebration is an enormous success.

Bride Dancing The Jukebox Kings - Wedding Bands Ireland

A Little Background Info On The JBK’s:

Celebrating 10 Years Together in 2018

“The Jukebox Kings have been performing together since 2008, during which time we have played at many Fantastic Weddings.  This is what makes The JBK’s a Great Live Band“.

Wedding Review from Couple for The Jukebox Kings


Wedding Bands Ireland -The Jukebox Kings Video

We appreciate that every wedding couple’s musical tastes differ.

The JBK’s, believe that you can’t replace live music for your celebration. Nothing compares to  Live Wedding Bands. You will find no lip syncing or backing tracks from The Jukebox Kings.

We customise our set for your wedding and treat your event with special care and attention to detail.

We deliver it all in a timely, professional and friendly manner.

There is a saying “Buy cheap pay twice”. With your Wedding Day, you don’t have the luxury to re-run events if things go wrong. Get it right the first time with The Jukebox Kings.

We provide exceptional attention to detail for your requirements.  We work right alongside you every step of the way to ensure that we get your special mix just right.



The Jukebox Kings Entertaining Newlyweds Nationwide
The Jukebox Kings Entertaining Newlyweds Nationwide


Contact The JBK’s Today

(We have a strict privacy policy, whereby no information is ever shared with third parties)

[email protected]

How Much Are Wedding Bands in Ireland? What Should I Pay?

Pricing Wedding Bands in Ireland?

How Much Are Wedding Bands in Ireland? The Age old Question. Prices of Wedding Bands In Ireland vary just like any other service. There are many styles, sizes, quality and level of professionalism available which inevitably makes this a difficult question to answer in one sentence. The Question How Much Wedding Bands charge needs to be filtered and perhaps turned around to ask How much am I willing to Pay for my Wedding Band.

Working within your own Budget may dictate that you may only secure a certain type of Act. There are Wedding Bands that perform as a duo ( although I personally think a Band is at least 3 people) using backing tracks to supplement the other instrumentation. Most Bands require at least 3 Instruments to create a reasonable sound. Guitar and or Keyboard, Bass Guitar and Drums. A duo can of course only provide at least 2 of these instruments. However, if you are comfortable with this option then you may secure a great duo at a very affordable price. The Larger the number of Musicians in a Band the more you would expect to pay. If you book a Wedding Band that is local to your Wedding Venue then you might also expect to pay less than a band that has to travel 2-4 hours to your venue. These are things that you might also consider when searching for your Wedding Band Entertainment.

Oscar Wilde famously said.

“Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.”

Perhaps this quote is relevant in this article. Should Price be the only deciding factor when choosing Wedding Bands? Surely Your Wedding Day requires you to seek out the Best Entertainment you can afford. While I know it’s not likely that your Budget will stretch to Ed Sheeran as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle can. At the Very least your Wedding Band should perform very reasonable covers of great acts. The Value of a great Wedding Band will be enjoyed long after the honeymoon hangover is worn off. The Price of the Band probably reflects the demand and quality of the Act. Great Wedding Bands are professional and have worked at their craft usually for very many years. Just as any professional tradesmen or craftsmen build up an arsenal of skills over the years, so too Wedding Bands and musicians work at making entertaining your guests look easy.

Wedding Entertainer Ed Sheeran.


What Should I Pay for my Wedding Band?

Prices of Wedding Bands can range from as little as €499 to €3,000 and beyond. A recent Weddings Online Survey suggests that the average price couples paid for Wedding Bands in 2017 was  €1,961 (see Weddings Online Infographic) This will, of course, take in to account the highs and the lows of the market.  The average price quoted seems a fair reflection of the cost of Wedding Bands.  I would suggest that any Quality Wedding  Band should be somewhere in this Ballpark price range. This might seem like quite a hefty fee to pay for one night’s entertainment. But when you consider its divided between the Band and the costs that need to be paid. That each musician has to travel to and from the venue perhaps for many hours each way at unsociable hours, you might then consider the value of the price you pay.

Wedding Band Costs 2017 Weddings Online Survey

I once heard a story of how when questioned by a prospective client about the fee being charged the client was asked what his occupation was. The client replied that he was an electrician. He was then asked if he could supply five electricians to travel to the venue to work for several hours returning home in the small hours of the morning at the same cost as five musicians. The answer as you can imagine highlighted why it is that Wedding Bands charge the fees they do.




Wedding Suppliers Ireland-Links to their Websites and Services.

Wedding Suppliers Ireland Links

Irish Wedding Suppliers provide excellent service to ensure your dream day is all that you wished it would be. The Jukebox Kings Wedding Band work hard at reaching out to Bride and Grooms letting you know about our fantastic Wedding Entertainment Service. We can easily be found on Google Wedding Bands Ireland The Jukebox Kings and Facebook. Now that you have found us we thought you might also be interested in some additional Wedding Services from some of our colleagues in the Irish Wedding Industry.

Leading Wedding Suppliers Ireland

Below we provide a link to the websites of Irish Wedding Suppliers who we have built up relationships with over our many years within the Wedding industry. We hope that by providing a link to these excellent Wedding Suppliers we might save you some research time.  We will continue to add to the links for your convenience.

Wedding Photographers

Finn Mooney

Wedding Suppliers Ireland Photographers


“I am an award winning professional photographer and a  member of IPPA, SWPP, Wedisson & Fearless Photographers.
The people that are most important to me are my clients. “


Wedding Blogs


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With the average wedding costing about €25,000, it’s time the lads got involved in deciding how some of that hard-earned moolah is being spent.

This is where Well Groomed – A Gentleman’s Guide to Weddings comes in. Through our regularly updated content from our experienced writers, we provide tips and advice on everything from choosing the engagement ring, through picking the right suit and surviving the stag, to organising the honeymoon. We aim to educate men across Ireland to help them become educated, stylish and well-groomed grooms, proactive in helping to plan the wedding. Because… why not start off as you mean to go on and impress your partner?



Wedding Ceremony Music

Veronica TadmanWedding Suppliers Ireland- Ceremony SInger

“Every wedding day is unique and special to the couple of the day. It should also be stress free and the music for the ceremony should reflect this. That is why I aim to fashion the music choice to suit the day and theme of the wedding.”

Wedding Bands 

Sax and The City  Irish Wedding Supplier -Band

Connor Mc Keon Wedding Band Wedding Suppliers Ireland - Band

Lovin Letters 


Wedding Suppliers Ireland - Lighting Letters