How Much Are Wedding Bands in Ireland? What Should I Pay?

Pricing Wedding Bands in Ireland?

How Much Are Wedding Bands in Ireland? The Age old Question. Prices of Wedding Bands In Ireland vary just like any other service. There are many styles, sizes, quality and level of professionalism available which inevitably makes this a difficult question to answer in one sentence. The Question How Much Wedding Bands charge needs to be filtered and perhaps turned around to ask How much am I willing to Pay for my Wedding Band.

Working within your own Budget may dictate that you may only secure a certain type of Act. There are Wedding Bands that perform as a duo ( although I personally think a Band is at least 3 people) using backing tracks to supplement the other instrumentation. Most Bands require at least 3 Instruments to create a reasonable sound. Guitar and or Keyboard, Bass Guitar and Drums. A duo can of course only provide at least 2 of these instruments. However, if you are comfortable with this option then you may secure a great duo at a very affordable price. The Larger the number of Musicians in a Band the more you would expect to pay. If you book a Wedding Band that is local to your Wedding Venue then you might also expect to pay less than a band that has to travel 2-4 hours to your venue. These are things that you might also consider when searching for your Wedding Band Entertainment.

Oscar Wilde famously said.

“Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.”

Perhaps this quote is relevant in this article. Should Price be the only deciding factor when choosing Wedding Bands? Surely Your Wedding Day requires you to seek out the Best Entertainment you can afford. While I know it’s not likely that your Budget will stretch to Ed Sheeran as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle can. At the Very least your Wedding Band should perform very reasonable covers of great acts. The Value of a great Wedding Band will be enjoyed long after the honeymoon hangover is worn off. The Price of the Band probably reflects the demand and quality of the Act. Great Wedding Bands are professional and have worked at their craft usually for very many years. Just as any professional tradesmen or craftsmen build up an arsenal of skills over the years, so too Wedding Bands and musicians work at making entertaining your guests look easy.

Wedding Entertainer Ed Sheeran.


What Should I Pay for my Wedding Band?

Prices of Wedding Bands can range from as little as €499 to €3,000 and beyond. A recent Weddings Online Survey suggests that the average price couples paid for Wedding Bands in 2017 was  €1,961 (see Weddings Online Infographic) This will, of course, take in to account the highs and the lows of the market.  The average price quoted seems a fair reflection of the cost of Wedding Bands.  I would suggest that any Quality Wedding  Band should be somewhere in this Ballpark price range. This might seem like quite a hefty fee to pay for one night’s entertainment. But when you consider its divided between the Band and the costs that need to be paid. That each musician has to travel to and from the venue perhaps for many hours each way at unsociable hours, you might then consider the value of the price you pay.

Wedding Band Costs 2017 Weddings Online Survey

I once heard a story of how when questioned by a prospective client about the fee being charged the client was asked what his occupation was. The client replied that he was an electrician. He was then asked if he could supply five electricians to travel to the venue to work for several hours returning home in the small hours of the morning at the same cost as five musicians. The answer as you can imagine highlighted why it is that Wedding Bands charge the fees they do.




How Much Are Wedding Bands in Ireland? What Should I Pay?
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How Much Are Wedding Bands in Ireland? What Should I Pay?
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