Learn To Dance your First Wedding Dance Professionally

Dance your First Dance Beautifully and Impress Your Guests

As you might guess, when it comes to the first dance we have seen it all. The good, the bad … and the ugly!
We are always amazed though to see the reaction a couple gets from their guests when they have prepared just a little bit for their first dance.
It really is magic.
 and it somehow sets the tone. 
That little effort shows that they care. They care about their first dance as husband and wife and they care about their guests. They are offering more than the embarrassed shuffle that we often witness.
So we thought, ok what can we do, how can we help the Bride and Groom with their first dance…
Talking to couples that really impressed us we found out that they had all taken a few lessons and the First Dance Academy ( Link to www.firstdanceacademy.com/ie ) was the name that popped up most often.
The Jukebox Kings  contacted the First Dance Academy to see if we could maybe work out something. It turns out that as well as offering private classes and workshops, they also offer an online course: www.weddingdancetutorial.com
They have students from all over the world using their online tutorial and it really is a fantastic resource.
To make a long story short, we have cut a deal and we can now offer 1 month complimentary access to the wedding dance tutorial to all our clients!
Absolutely Free with no Catches
We hope it helps you guys with your first dance.
Just Follow the Link below and enter the Unique  Coupon Code THEJUKEBOXKINGS
Happy Dancing Guys!