How to Search for Great Wedding Bands for your Wedding in 2019?

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Searching for The Ultimate Wedding Bands Ireland

How to search for Great Wedding Bands in Ireland for your Wedding in 2019?

Here are a few ideas and tips. The first tip is there are lots of great ones to choose from so don’t worry too much. The second is enjoy the search.

For more practical tips read on………..

Planning your Wedding should be almost as much fun as the Big Day itself.

Every aspect of the research and arrangements can be made online ( at least in the first instance).  It has never been easier to find Wedding IdeasWedding Suppliers, Wedding Directories, Facebook Wedding Groups  Wedding Bands and virtually anything Wedding Related without having to leave your house.  The World Wide Web has provided a catalogue of choice at our fingertips. Now you can look further afield than ever before for ideas, inspiration and of course online shopping too!

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Wedding Fairs

Long gone are the days when the only show in town was the annual Wedding Show in the RDS, or the local hotel Wedding Fair.  Now there are a host of fantastic wedding events such as Ultimate Weddings Live.

Ultimate Weddings Live Wedding Fair

Sure, Wedding Fairs including the Annual Wedding Show are still going strong and are of course a fun day out and an opportunity to communicate with a great many top suppliers in one place. You can also Check out many Wedding Bands Playing live at these events.  However you can arrange and plan most things online. If you like the idea of visiting some Wedding Fairs then here is a link to a timetable of upcoming wedding Fairs Courtesy of Wedding Directory  Wedding

Wedding Websites such as The Knot are intended to be inspirational. It is however, important to separate the real from the fantasy. The Perfect Wedding Day is possible. Help is at hand from many Wedding Professionals.  If you are looking for the Ultimate Wedding Band then here are a few places to look.The Knot Wedding directory

Wedding Bands Ireland Agencies

In recent Years there has been a huge increase in Wedding Band Agencies. Wedding Bands without the necessary time or expertise to deal with all of the business requirements, team up with Agents. The expertise and required skills of running a business often is not where Wedding Bands excel. It makes total sense that Bands can offload this task to a Wedding Band Agency that has the necessary skills and resources to promote them. Wedding Band agencies such as AMA and Audio Networks  Irish Wedding Bands (all the same company) work on behalf of Wedding Bands.  They arrange all of the necessary promotion, marketing and financial supports etc.  They act as the point of contact between the Act and Bride and Groom. Agencies generally take a fee from the Band so there is no additional cost to the Wedding couple.  The Agency deals with all the small details.

Wedding Bands Ireland

A Wedding Band Agency will Handle all the Arrangements.

Wedding Band Directories


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There have been many Wedding Directories that have appeared over the Years. Perhaps the most successful in Ireland is weddings online . In recent times many more have sprung up such as One Fab Day, Mrs2Be,, The Vow, Hitched , wedding

Changes to the Equality Law for same Sex marriage has also seen an new wave of wedding directories such as gayweddings, Rainbow weddings, irishlgbtweddings

More recently there has been a new niche created in spin off Wedding Band directories. These are effectively directories where Wedding Bands Post a listing and the directory owner takes a fee for advertising the Band.

Sites such as Best Wedding BandsWedding Band Reviews, Wedding Band Association, specialise in promoting Wedding Bands Ireland You get the chance to contact all suppliers through one e-mail. This is routed to all acts and they quote their price if available. The Band pays the fee to the site who manages all promotion on their behalf. Fees and arrangements are usually between the acts and the Bride and Groom.

Wedding Band Sites

In this the Internet age it is expected that a  Wedding Band like all other suppliers will have a Website. in fact one of the best ways to find a whole list of Music Wedding Bands in Ireland is to search Google.  Page after page of Wedding Bands advertising themselves as Wedding Band Ireland’s best Band. However the standard of the videos and quality of the Musicianship is usually excellent. While you must choose from a host of Bands who quite frankly are very similar in style , suits, music , set list. Its great that you can view so many from the comfort of your armchair.  Wouldn’t it be great if cake tasting was so easy? Now that you have viewed some of the Bands you like online, you can short list the ones you want to see live! Most bands just like The Jukebox Kings  offer showcase viewing dates.

Wedding Band

Wedding Band Reviews

The final way to search for a good Wedding Band is through reviews.  There are several sites dedicated to this. Websites such as Wedding Band, specialise in reviewing bands.  There are also features from Weddings Online The 10 Most Reviewed Wedding Bands and One Fab Day The Best Wedding Bands in Ireland. Although you do need to be aware that only paid members of these sites can receive reviews from Bride and Grooms.

Top 10 Wedding Bands In Ireland to Book for your Wedding

Top 10 Wedding Bands in Ireland

Wedding Band Reviews Ireland

Searching for the Top 10 Wedding Bands in Ireland and hoping to find a definitive list of the Top 10 Wedding Bands will yield varying and misleading results. There are various sites and search terms such as Best Wedding Bands Ireland 2016/2017/2018 and Wedding Bands Ireland One Fab Day advising the researcher that they promote the Top 10 Wedding Bands in Ireland.

Search also for Wedding Band Prices and Best Wedding Bands Ireland boards .ie or Wedding Bands Dublin to see the host of articles written on the subject. However, it is, important to realize that this information is unsupported and unsubstantiated.

There is no official data to confirm this claim. Bride and grooms will undoubtedly look to book the Best Wedding Band that they can find based on their Budget but how can they wade through the pages on Google of Wedding bands all claiming to be one of the Top 10 Wedding Bands in Ireland including our very own Jukebox Kings Band.

 Top 10 Wedding Bands in Ireland.

The truth is, unfortunately, there is no definitive answer. Choosing the Best Wedding Bands is subjective just like choosing the ingredients for your wedding cake. Some people like chocolate biscuit cake others traditional fruit cake. Just as you will choose your menu with your Hotel based on Budget and suitability for your guests you should also choose your Wedding Band.

Think objectively, when choosing your menu you will likely consider a vegetarian option and something for older guests. You will not choose the menu based purely on the food that you yourself like to eat. You are also not likely to settle for chicken and chips as you want to treat your guests to a memorable feast. From the same perspective, you should also choose your Band knowing that they will treat all of your guests to a variety of musical dishes, catering for all of your guest’s various tastes.

A great Band should include in their repertoire Country, Jives, Waltzes, Funk, Disco and Hits of Today. I know you possibly may not like Country music, but if you don’t like potatoes is that any reason to exclude them from the meal menu?


Wedding Band Awards

Wedding Band Awards such as “Weddings Online Best Wedding Band” are yet another misleading benchmark for Wedding Bands and have little or no relevance to the Bands position relative to any other. Don’t get me wrong very often the quality of the Band that wins is excellent. However are the unsuspecting public aware that The Band has paid and nominated themselves in the first instance in the Best Wedding Band Category? Without paying and nominating themselves no Band can be considered by the Judging panel.

There are a great many Wedding Bands who do not advertise with this company and may never nominate themselves in the category Best Wedding Band Weddings Online and yet may actually be the Best Wedding Band in Ireland we may never know. Until Wedding Websites who make money from these awards actually find a more equitable and inclusive way of creating an award system these “Awards” will remain meaningless.

Wedding Band Lineups

A Wedding Band is usually made up of a number of regular musicians, possibly friends or a team. They work closely together and play music with an energy and dynamic that transfers to the audience. Mostly these Bands are made up of professional Wedding entertainers of a very high quality that have worked at the highest level in the Irish and international entertainment business.

One important factor that should be a concern and key point for Bride and Grooms booking a Wedding Band is the lineup.

  • Is the band made up of the same members night after night?
  • Is the line up they book likely to be different on your Wedding Day?

Bands that work with the same lineup, have rehearsed and played together and built up a dynamic that will transfer into a professional and polished performance. This will ensure your Wedding Nights entertainment is fantastic. There are some business models who offer an option of choosing the Lead singer only with all other musicians coming together on the night. This particular business model provides many Bands, operating on the same night, in different venues, under the same name. They invest heavily in branding, marketing, and promotion. Their success is admirable and often copied. However often the standard of the Band that arrives for your wedding may not be the same that you witnessed at the Showcase event.

If this is the option that you choose and you have all the facts to make an informed choice then, you have decided to book an ensemble rather than a Band. If this is your choice it is not for me to contradict or question your wisdom. Before you decide perhaps consider what the Beatles once said (Paraphrase) ” If you rehearse together 7 Days a week you get good at rehearsing, if you play live 7 days a week you get good at playing live”  So consider the quality of a Band that you book that has neither rehearsed or played live together.

The Jukebox Kings Wedding Band are together for 10 years. We have all worked as Wedding Entertainers for a great many years. Our Lineup is made up of the same members night after night, only subject to change in the unlikely event of illness or circumstances outside of our control.

Wedding Band Recommendations

The Wedding Band community is quite small and many of the acts and musicians have worked together on various projects over the years. Many of the Top Bands have formed from incarnations of other Wedding Bands. The quality of many of the Bands is exceptional. The Work ethic and desire to create a fantastic experience for Bride and Grooms is fantastic. Good news for all you people getting married the future is bright. It is difficult to single out one or two acts for a recommendation with so many quality acts available.

My opinion for what its worth is book an experienced established act regardless of their style. Much as you trust the apprentice hairdresser at blow drying your hair you will want the head stylist to style your hair on the day. So should it be with your Wedding Band?

Biting the Bullet in the event that The Jukebox Kings are busy for your Wedding Day we can highly recommend.

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