Wedding Bands Ireland Prices 2020


Wedding Bands Ireland Prices, what am I paying for?

Wedding Band prices can vary and are a hot topic. Costs for a Live Wedding Band are a constant source of debate.  Are Wedding Bands in Ireland charging excessively for their services?  What is the Average Wedding Band cost in 2020 how does this compare to 2019 for Wedding BandsWhere can I find a Wedding Band Price List to compare?  Will I pay more for Wedding Bands in Dublin than say Cork Wedding Bands or Donegal Wedding Bands?

Best Wedding Bands Ireland

Where can I find the Best Wedding Bands in Ireland, Who are the Best Wedding Bands in Ireland and who decides this? This is a really difficult task for people to discover the answer to. Ask our friend Google and you will be inundated with varying answers. What most of these sites don’t do is categorise the Act and objectively advise you of the Bands credentials. Most of the information is supplied to the site by the Band who clearly will promote their Act as the Best Wedding Band in Ireland. Also you then need to contact the Act to find out if they are available and to request the Wedding Band Price list.

Wedding Band Ireland Price List

Wouldn’t it be really great if Wedding Bands advertised their Price List on their Website? Is it too difficult a task to expect that a guide price could not be available on their site. What about a category too? such as Wedding Bands Leinster or Wedding Bands Munster, Country Music Wedding Bands, Pop Music Wedding Bands etc.

Wedding Music Band Cost

Why am I paying so much for my Wedding Band don’t you really just love playing music? This is a question that I have been asked many times over the years. I am certain many other musicians have had similar phrased questions.

Do you know that Wedding Bands in Ireland regularly travel on average 3-6 hours to and from engagements? Insurance costs for vehicles are many multiples of the average insurance premiums for other professions. Musician’s pay premiums many multiples of the insurance premium of say a plumber or carpenter. Wedding Band Musicians are finding it harder to receive insurance cover as their profession is deemed unsafe. Late night travelling and major miles account for this.

When hiring a Wedding Band one is not merely paying for the performance time because Wedding Bands set out and set up early on the given day and return home in the late hours of the morning.


Bands perform a Showcase free of charge to the couple and family in advance in order to secure the booking. While the Showcase was F.O.C to the invited couples it would have come at a cost both financially and time wise to the Musicians. Bands will also spend time rehearsing a first dance or special requests in the lead up to the couple’s Wedding.

Musicians in Ireland rarely if ever request additional travel, fee’s meal or accommodation costs. The fee they charge is almost always inclusive and can vary from around €1,500 to €2,500 on average or as much as €3,500 depending on the Band Size.

The Jukebox Kings Wedding Band never charge additional fees for Travel, meals or accommodation. Our fee is fully inclusive.

Our Next Showcase is 15th September at the Bridgehouse Tullamore.

Wedding Bands Ireland Prices 2020Wedding Music Bands Ireland – The Jukebox Kings


Compare Irish prices to Wedding Bands in America.

Why not look at the costs provided below from an American 4-piece Band? I have removed the Bands name, but the details are 100% genuine.

Packages and Pricing

XXXXXXXXX offers several entertainment packages: FULL PACKAGE: Recommended for dance events!!! 4-piece classic rock & roll/country band PLUS a sound and light technician. Enhanced sound system, subwoofers, effects, multi-coloured stage lighting. Amplified acoustic guitar, electric guitars, bass guitar, drummer and amplified vocals.

ENHANCED PACKAGE: For a special treat, we can add three-time Guitarist of the Year, XXXXXXXXXX to the band, for a super rockin’ show. This guy is a scorching guitarist, who can rock with the best of them, and when he and Trevor trade licks, the stage is on fire! Check out his amazing guitar work on our original project songs featured on the “Originals” page of this website! SMALL PACKAGE: Smaller, indoor venues, 30 – 60 guests. Amplified acoustic guitar, electric guitars, bass guitar, drummer and amplified vocals. 4-piece classic rock & roll / country band. Small sound system, without subwoofers, effects, sound/light technician, or multi-coloured stage lighting.

PRICES range from $2,450 – $4,250 depending upon sound system package, venue location and size, length of engagement, and number of guests. Prices apply to jobs within the XXXXXXXXXX city limits. Room, board and travel costs will be added to out of town engagements.  Prices for similar events may vary, depending upon the demand for a given date, venue challenges, and other factors.

What are the differences in Bands?

We know looking through the long list of Bands can be Daunting. There are 3-piece, 4-piece, 5-piece Bands and upwards.  Male Vocalists, Female Vocalists and some that offer both. Bands with Brass and some that can add it to their line-up. Then, there are fully live bands and some that use backing tracks to enhance their sound.

The difference between very many Wedding Bands is quite small. Most Bands on the Irish Wedding Scene perform at a very high and professional standard. Gone are the days when touring pub bands did a” Nixer” Wedding for a Friend.

Irish Wedding bands are now, mostly Full-time Musicians. They are Tax compliant, well-rehearsed, professionally groomed and completely up to date with Wedding Trends. The music set list that they offer will most likely also be similar.


Wedding band prices don’t vary widely. Set your Budget based on affordability and Venue. If you can’t afford a 7-piece band or your Venue won’t fit them, then don’t book them. Generally, Bands can vary their line up to suit different venues. Bands that are working closer to home have lower costs. This is all common sense stuff.  If you wanted an electrician to carry out some work at your home, you would look for someone relatively local. You wouldn’t look for someone several counties away. if you did you would expect to pay a premium for their time and travel. Pick up the phone and chat, we are always glad to help.

See the band in advance

If possible, try to see your Band play in advance. Most bands offer Showcase events. Make sure the band that you are seeing are the same band that will play on the night. If you are looking living in Dublin then you will have a wider choice of Showcase events to choose. However there are many Bands that provide these outside of the capital.  Be prepared to travel a little further.

Live versus (Dead)Backing Tracks.

Some Bands play live, some bands use backing tracks and mime. Some bands even combine the two. Ask the band the question if it matters to you, it may not. There are some Bands that prefer to concentrate on performance rather than musicianship. Although, if you are paying for a Band, it’s likely you expect them to be musicians that play real instruments.

Can your Band play different styles of music?

Wedding Bands try to facilitate everyone at a Wedding. Waltzes, Country, Swing, Disco, Pop and Rock are some of the styles covered in one night.  As mentioned, Bands are professional and well-rehearsed in adapting to different requests.

Bands will cover different genres respectably. I recall hearing a strory from a “Trad  Musician” friend of mine who was booked to play at a Wedding. The Bride requested them to play some Disco tunes and was surprised  that they only played “Trad Music” on the night.  Choose a band that can diversify. Make sure you know what to expect and the limitations of the Band. All musicians no matter how good have musical limits.

Does Price determine performance?

Most Bands play for at least 2 hours some for 3, The average performance time is 2.5 hours. Don’t let the speeches eat into the play time. Playtime just like price is usually up for negotiation. There are only so many hours available to entertain once the meal is over.

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