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Booking Wedding Bands

Wedding Planning with the help of Online Directories sites such as Weddings Online is growing in popularity. Internet review sites specialise in offering Bride and Grooms services they require for their Wedding Day under one roof.  More and more of these wedding supplier platforms are appearing such as WeddingsOnline  One Fab Day and Mrs 2Be . But what purpose do they serve? Are they really offering Bride and Grooms a special service. Or are they really just a ruse for charging suppliers advertising fees?

Wedding Supplier Directories

While they may offer a one stop shop for Bride and Grooms looking to view all the services required for their big day, they also charge a hefty fee to suppliers.  Although it is true to say that suppliers have an option to choose to advertise with them or not, there is pressure to compete with other suppliers or lose out on business. Ultimately it is the Bride and Groom who pay the additional advertising costs. Bands will factor the charge into their fee. It is most likely that the fee for a Band with a hefty advertising budget is charging a greater fee.

Advertising Costs

Top tier advertising with advertisers can cost several thousands of euro.  If a Band is advertising on several of these Wedding planning sites, (which many are) you can work out the math to consider the likely increase in the fee.

Weddings Online Advertising or direct Promotion?

A Wedding Band has to promote itself and have an “online” shop window. In bygone years Wedding bands also played Pub venues. This allowed couples to view their performance. With the departure of the traditional Pub culture, fewer venues facilitate Live music. The Traditional cover band no longer has the facility to invite couples to their “regular” gig. The alternative is to promote the Band through a Website. They encourage prospective Bride and Grooms to a Showcase event.

That is why Wedding Bands make such efforts to advertise on social media. They also use Google ad-words and inevitably Wedding platforms.  Advertising on such other platforms allows Bands and Wedding Suppliers to target the Wedding market. The cost, however, can be quite high.  Fees often charged are in the thousands. Featuring on several of these sites can prove quite costly.  Bride and Grooms will only get to view the profiles of Bands willing to pay for the advertising.

Reviews from Bride and Grooms

 We allow our testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers to speak on our behalf. We promote our Band via our website and through our social media pages. Many of our bookings come from recommendations from Bride and Grooms. we receive referrals from guests who have attended Weddings that we have previously entertained at. Testimonials and reviews are a great way of hearing from real people.  People rate not only our band’s performance but also our service quality.

A Review such as this one can, of course, add a bounce to our inquiries. Sometimes the performance is the only thing people consider. We value the performance but also the attention to detail and customer service too!

Direct Advertising

The Jukebox Kings control our own advertising directly through our Website and social media. This allows us to keep our costs to a minimum. We ensure our fees are as competitive as possible. Passing on the benefit to Bride and Grooms.

Book Directly

If you would like more information about our Band and services please feel free to contact us Via the online contact form or by Calling Derek on 353-857386365